Personal Training | Boxing | Rehabilitation

At Starr Personal Training we believe the core of health and wellbeing can be found in the attainment of goals.  These achievements nourish both our bodies and our minds and create immense energy. When we nourish our spirit we achieve great power.

The studios of Starr Personal Training have been created to offer a dynamic, yet personal and peaceful training environment.

If you are wanting to:

  • Increase your confidence, sense of self and achieve goals
  • Improve fitness, weight loss, postural correction, boxing or sport specific exercise
  • Learn in a safe, friendly comfortable environment
  • Have your own choice of music
  • Work in your own training area

The body always follows the mind

Bruce Lee


After many years experience I can teach you how to safely exercise to repair, improve or manage your injuries. For inclusive management scheme I will work in conjunction with Myotherapists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.